Ultra Muscle Building

Ultra Muscle Building

Ultra Muscle Building using UMS

Some of the most frequently asked questions we get are: “Does it really work?”, “What does it really do?”, or “Is that enough or would I also need to opt for conventional exercise?” To answer these questions we need to know what exactly is required to build muscle. There are basically only two conditions for muscle-building – intense muscular contraction and sufficient time during which the muscle is under high tension.

Contraction of your muscles: The muscles basically do two things – contract and relax. But you won’t build much muscle just from contracting and relaxing your biceps. That is why, for centuries, various tools have been used to increase resistance and thus tension in the muscle. Your own body weight, dumbbells, machines and resistance bands all increase muscle tension and improve the building of larger muscles.

Time under tension: It is not enough for the muscle to be under contraction tension for a short amount of time; the actual time under tension is crucial for building muscles. This is why the weights in classical resistance training are usually not lifted only once but several times to cause repeated muscular contraction. Good results are often achieved with 8 to 12 repetitions in three sets per exercise, which equates to a time under tension of one to three minutes per muscle group, depending on the scope and progress of the exercise program.

UMS Training clearly meets both conditions for building muscles. The electrical impulse causes the whole muscular system to contract. The specific set of electrodes extensively activates the muscular system and causes states of intense muscular tension. Depending on the intensity, the degree of muscular tension is sometimes even higher than with traditional resistance training. With a continuous alternation between electrical impulse and rest, up to five minutes under tension can be achieved – in almost all muscles at the same time.