UMS Technology

UMS Technology

Ultra Muscle Stimulation (UMS) and how it works

UMS is the successor of the old Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, exclusively offered at B-Toned in Dubai, utilizing the most advanced German technology, StimaWELL®.

Here is how it works in a nutshell, we gear you up in one of our UMS suits and your personal trainer will conduct a 20 minutes training session based on your desired training goals, simple as that!

UMS operates on low-frequency impulses that are safe and have no side effects! These low-frequency impulses activate 90% of your body’s muscle fiber during every session, compared to only 30% fiber activation in the trained muscle you get from a traditional workout. This improves your blood circulation and physical performance making you feel more flexible, stronger and healthier! UMS ensures efficient and effective muscle stimulation during every session, saving you huge amounts of time and effort! It is the fastest and most effective personalized workout on the planet! A single 20-minute B-Toned UMS workout session is equivalent to almost 4 hours of a conventional workout session! Be it muscle building, body toning or weight loss, B-Toned UMS has got you covered!

The Most Advanced   German Technology


Ultra Muscle Stimulation (UMS) at B-Toned utilizes the most advanced German technology, StimaWELL®. Providing several different highly-customizable programs to fit everyone’s specific needs, B-Toned UMS is the optimal solution for muscle building, body toning and fat burning!

UMS fits your modern lifestyle which has little time for activities such as training or rehabilitation and provides you with a healthy and very efficient solution to improve your well-being.